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What we can offer you

Talk to us about what your business has or doesn’t have, and we can explain what you need to take your business to the next level.

  • PSocial Media Setup
  • PGoogle My Business Setup
  • PWebsite Build
  • PWebsite Hosting
  • PMarketing Strategy
  • P12 Month Payment Plan
  • PGoogle Analytics Setup
  • PMonthly Report
  • PBranding

FUNdamental Marketing Plan

You take home a written report outlining:

  1. Target Audience
  2. Marketing message
  3. Identifying what marketing platforms are best suited for your business and what spend is recommended monthly to penetrate your market
  4. Ideas for relevant content for socials, blogs and newsletters
  5. Identifying keywords to focus on

This includes:

  • 2 hour planning session – 1 on 1 with Marketing Strategist

$555 + gst

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FUNdamental Digital
Business Start-Up Packages

Answers to Your Questions

How do monthly payments work?

Monthly payments are for the first 12 months only. After those 12 months are complete, all you pay for is hosting of your website each month.

Do the prices include gst?

No, all prices exclude gst. Remember to add gst to the price of the service you are interested in.

Can I pay one lump payment instead?

Yes. However, you will still need to pay for the monthly hosting cost. The pricing table displays the total cost for the setup of each product.

What is the difference between website vs package?

The packages include the setup of business Social accounts (Instagram + Facebook) plus “Google My Business” account. If you are after the complete online marketing setup – a package is what you want.

Social Media is very effective when building a customer base through word-of-mouth, online reviews and sharing business posts about your services.

Can I get changes made to my website once it is already live?

Yes. Additional website changes are $110 + gst per hour.

With the Intermediate Website service, you will get 30 minutes of free changes each month.

How much is website hosting each month?

This is different for each website/package.
Start Up Website hosting is $75 + gst per month.
Intermediate Website hosting is $135 + gst per month.

How long is my contract

Your contract is for 12 months, then it is up to you after that.

Do I need to supply images and written content?

Yes and no. We can supply some imagery if you need to top up your collection for your website. It is always best to use your own business photos rather than relying on stock images.

We do not write all of your website content. However, if you choose the Start Up Website, we edit your written content to include your 5 chosen keywords to help your website perform better organically on Google. If you choose the Intermediate Website option, we include 3 pages of professionally written content incorporating your 10 specific keywords for Search Engine Optimisation.


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